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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> this is 9 news now. >> riders sounded the alarm making authorities aware of the men acting suspiciously, and now they're trying to track them down. lindsey mathis live at the station with more on the search and why metro police are looking for the men. lindsey? >> reporter: we obtained this information about the two men they're looking for. there is information on when they were seen her. the metro says the two men have done nothing wrong. a passenger snapped photos of these men, shared it with authorities. that's what a metro spokesman says. now they want to know who the men are and what they were doing. according to the memo, the two videotaped the station's features last week, capturing how the train operates. they say got onto an orange line train to vienna and videotaped the way passengers
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oriented themselves on board. >> reporter: the men were photographing on the side, between their waist and chest. metro said it looked like they didn't want anyone to know what they were filming. >> makes people nervous. >> and some say it makes them worry about worst case scenarios. >> trying to set up an attack or something. >> reporter: many passengers say they're on high alert after the recent arrest of a man planning to bomb the metro. >> nervous. >> a worrisome idea. >> reporter: metro said it could be a misunderstanding. it's possible the two didn't know they could freely videotape inside the metro, but metro said they came across to others as an attempt to videotape covertly. >> people seeing they're doing all kinds of things with their
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phones. >> metro says they don't want anyone to be aparticularlied. they have no reason to believe the two are planning anything. but they say, if you spot them on the metro, contact police immediately. reporting live in southwest washington, i'm lindsey mathis, 9 news now. you get ready to board the train with your baby, get the stroller in your door. . . >> the mother separated from the baby, and took off. my contention is it is imperative that the metro rail train operators visually look
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down the platform. >> the mother apparently did not file a complaint, and metro wants to remind you to pay attention when the light comes on and the announcer says the doors are closing. taking time to recognize the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought for freedom in the past. governor martin o'malley honored veterans at a ceremony in annapolis, maryland. organizers called it a tribute to the men and women who fought for the principles of people. a veterans day luncheon honors veterans. together the department of veteran's affairs, one-third of the homeless population has served the country. and in leesburg today, virginia senator jim web delivered the keynote address of a ceremony honoring vietnam
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veterans. now to a tribute with a wary eye. thousands remembered vets' sacrifices. >> reporter: honor, anger and fear, lesley. lots of emotion here outside a useium that has been shot at twice by a gunman that remains at large, and this guy, over the last two months, has shot up several different facilities across northern virginia, a total of five times. >> reporter: for 11-year-old t.j. lower this may be the best place to spend veterans day. but hard for him to accept that up there in the atrium, bullet
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rounds marked by black tape are signs of someone with an unexplainable fury at the military. >> who would want to do such a thing? >> to the marine corps museum, the pentagon, the recruiting station, the coast guard station, you can't understand it. >> reporter: in the nearly four years since the museum opened, nearly 2 million people have visited. >> it's an amazing place. the marine corps built upon its history. >> reporter: bill moore is coming from a war zone. >> not a day that goes by i don't think of that. >> reporter: the fbi believes the shooter is a marine, someone struggling through deep personal trouble. >> to come around and shoot at
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a building like. >> which is why t.j. and emily lower have a message for the guy. >> you should explain why. >> reporter: investigators have been able to recover. some of the rounds fired into the museum, into the recruiting station. doesn't give them blood, a fingerprint or dna, something they could use to track the shooter. criminalologieses say many of the shooters never caught. we've all been touched by the economic downturn. this includes the men and women we're honoring today. we through our hero's initiative want to pay honor to
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service members. we teamed up to raise money for the thanksgiving food basket program. we have a phone bank in our studio accepting donations, but don't hear the phone ring. you can donate online. call or go to our web site at at least 15 people died when a car bomb blew up outside a compound in karachi pakistan. five killed were pakistani police officers. another 100 people were hurt in the explosion. the compound housed the crime investigation department that help find terrorists in karachi. the bombing the first major attack against the pakistani government in months. a local woman attacked by an unseen enemy, and what attacked her is around us. her story ahead. >> plus the forecast.
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>> if headed outside, i would grab a jacket. temperatures above average. 63 and 42 on the books. average is 59 and 41, record highs 78, record lows 26. come back and talk about the rest of tomorrow and the weekend. . >> give us a call at 404-030- 9045. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." wusa9 partnering on this veterans day for the thanksgiving food basket program called turkey for troops. we're in the call center with more on how you can help.
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>> we like to talk about saying thank you for the troops and honoring those who served. now you can do so in a much more tangible way than perhaps you had thought about for the holiday season, because there is a great need. joining me melanie carson, a military spouse and volunteer. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> give folks a sense of how much need there is out there this time of year. >> the program really is geared for lower enlisted families, and that can be a lot of young families just getting their start and an age group that is just getting started with a couple of children on the way which during the holidays is tough. >> most people think of uso as
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helping service members. you are there for the spouses as well? >> absolutely the spouses and kids serve, too. they're veterans of the home front, important to remember at the holiday season because when your spouse is on deployment, your parent is on deployment, during the rest of the year, you're able to kind of put your nose down and keep working hard. during the holiday season, you feel them being gone more. >> yeah. >> how big is the need this year? >> we've had a record number of requests for assistance, which means we've got to fill the needs. we have to reach out and ask the community to help us out. >> thanks for joining us. we raised $4,753. that's 129 baskets. >> [ applause ] for military families. if you want to donate call 202- 432-9045.
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we'll be here until 7:30. so you've got time. you can go to the web site lesley. . . take a quick break and come back
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hundreds morour wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ask a few short years ago sandy wilson was being eaten alive. what attacks her a threat to all of us. a warning the video you're about to see may be tough to watch. >> reporter: flesh eating bacteria attacking sandy's body avenuevaging her organs. >> there was a yellow waxy saran wrap type stuff over my abdomen and i remember clearly seeing what looked like french fries or chin underneath it. what it was was my internal organs. >> it is one of the most feared
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infections in all of medicine, because it's highly resistant to antibiotics. it attacks 600 people a year in the u.s., but deadly to a third of its victims. >> she had a difficult infection to treat. no question about that. >> reporter: dr. thomasscolyia chief of shock trauma at the university of shock trauma in baltimore. his team kept her alive during the year she spent there. >> sandy's trouble started in 2005 when her son christopher was born by c-section. doctors can't pinpoint where she picked it up, but it exists around us. lives in crowded places like day care centers, schools or prisons. all it needs is an open wound to get into the body. she spent the first years of her baby's life in the hospital, but doctors finally
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got rid of the bacteria. she underwent a rare transplant of her small and large intestines. i don't know the number of times we operated on her. it was probably 50 when all was said and done, maybe more. >> sandy says she plans to renew her nursing license and return to her career at an area hospital. back on dry land, where the 4,500 people stranded on a cruise ship are tonight. they were stranded out to sea for three days. towed into the san diego harbor this morning. the ship lost power on monday after a fire in the engine room. passengers and crew members dealt with limited food, backed up toilets, no electricity. they are getting a few refund trip. if looking for a way to honor service members this veterans day, we're taking donations to the program.
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call 202-432-93045. and i know you're going to give the forecast, and don't mind a bit if the phones are ringing. >> the more the better. >> what a beautiful day, 63. back in 1987, a snowstorm. for more go to our web site at wusa9 -- beautiful on friday. what a way to finish the week. getting mid-november. 63 on friday, upper 60s and great on sunday. highs near upper 60s and 70 on sunday. 58 by lunchtime, clear skies by evening, temperatures in the 60s. during most of the high school football game, it will be played in the 50s. some may go longer in the upper 40s. tonight clear skies, a little bit colder. some areas will make it down
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into the freezing mark or around the freezing mark, 33 to 32, lights northeasterly at 5 to 10. lows tonight 32 in gaithersburg, 33 in buoy. downtown around 40, 42 nashville, 42 springfield, but 33 sterling and 32 out toward leesburg, down toward manassas around the freezing mark. tomorrow grab the shades and a light coat. 30s, 40s. afternoon sunny and beautiful highs between 60 and 65, winds light out of the northeast at 10. 57 on saturday, spectacular, and near 70 on sunday. more clouds. into monday. will cool off a bit. rain or showers during the game on monday. skins at home hosting the eagles. keep that in mind. game time temps in the 50s.
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and maybe morning showers on wednesday. but then partly cloudy, temperatures back up near if 0, and then some indications next week, maybe toward the end of next week, colder, temperatures with sunshine in the low 50s. we got a $2,500 donation from a wonderful person in davidsonville maryland. we need more, though. want to help feed military families this thanksgiving. feel free to keep gig us a call there's the number on your screen ♪
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time for 9 sports with brad haber, the best sports in town. i work at channel 9. if i came into work wearing a channel 5 cap, my colleagues and bosses
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would probably want to have a word with me. how do you think the redskins felt when clinton portis showed up at work wearing a philly cap. this just four days before the eagles come to town for a showdown with the skins. portis missed the last four games with a groin injury. it mostly healed, but now -- >> i felt like wearing red today. didn't have anything to do with the phillies. i felt like wearing red. this was the only outfit i had, so i put it on. >> if he wanted to wear red, may i suggest a nationals cap. portis said he felt soreness after a tough week of practice. brandon banks may play despite having his knee scoped last week. you don't have to wait until the weekend to get your football fix. the falcons tonight in the season's first thursday night game. the top two qbs from the class
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of 2008 and baltimore's joe flacco and matt ryan. ryan is an amazing 17-1 in his career at the georgia dome, but coach john heart ball game talked to us today about the condensed schedule when you play on a thursday night, and you tell me if this doesn't sound like a who's on first routine. >> for you all it's tuesday. for us it's thursday. so tomorrow will be. actually it's friday. today's thursday and friday. >> what will tomorrow be? >> tomorrow is saturday. >> i have a headache listening to -- i don't know what day it is anymore. it is time for you to pick our game of the week. these five games for consideration. you've got in maryland that game. in virginia oakton. robinson, st. john and some other games. some other games tonight -- the
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winning game leads our coverage on friday night. there was a two-hour documentaryly about the great wall in china. i feel a t-shirt for john wall. the great wall of chinatown. the wizards rookie put on another show recording his first triple-double. 13 assists. now has 61 assists in his first 6 games, a new nba record. he is what am i looking for? good. >> the great players become usual, triple-double. >> -- it was interesting to see. >> caps home to the lightning. tom cody listed as probable. missed the lastle games with a
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groin. if you're going to the game tonight, you may want to consider buying one of these the cap. it has the logo on the side. 100% of the proceeds go to the gruesome. our military kids provide grants to the children around the world to bridge the gap while the parents are overseas. >> very good. all doing our part from the game to the gear, trying to get people to donate baskets. number in case you need it, 402- 43-9045. don't worry a bit. we have professionals here, getting through a sports cast, the weather cast with phones ringing. >> spectacular tomorrow. and the weekend will feel more like october. near 70.
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keep it going through the 7:00 hour. so you can keep calling us, 202- 432-9045.


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